Who are we?
Welcome to the CHART Lab

The CHART Lab is an interdisciplinary team working together to promote life-long mental health and well-being, beginning with children and youth. Led by Dr. Hasina Samji, the team includes specialists in epidemiology, child and youth psychology, education, health sciences, and public health. The CHART Lab aims to identify social and structural determinants of mental health and mobilize research into action to promote social justice and collective well-being.

Promoting health & well-being through data collaboration community engagement

check out the ydi 2023 provincial report!

In 2023, we heard from 14,596 young people in 28 school districts and 28 independent schools across BC about what matters for their health and well-being.  The YDI Provincial Report consolidates results from the Youth Development Instrument (YDI) and includes findings about sleep, physical activity, positive relationships, and other factors that have been linked to young people thriving. 

“This report is an opportunity to hear from young people about how we can work together across sectors like health and education and with youth directly to create environments in which young people can flourish,” says Dr. Hasina Samji.