joining the youth advisory council

The Youth Advisory Council is a group of high school aged (15-18 years) youth who provide us with youth perspectives for the CHART lab, including design of Youth Development Instrument (YDI) survey and how results are shared with others and put into action. The YAC is made up of diverse youth from all over BC, who have an interest in promoting youth health and well-being in their communities. 

Applications for the YAC are open!

Are you a young person passionate about enhancing well-being among your peers? If you’re between 15-18 years old and eager to share your insights on health and well-being issues impacting youth, we invite you to apply to become a member of our provincial YAC for the CHART lab. This role provides a platform for youth voices to be included in the research work of the CHART lab. Honoraria for the role is provided.  

Fill out our application form here and share a bit about your background and why you’d like to join us. We are committed to diversity and encourage applications from all youth. If you have any questions or prefer alternative application formats, such as a video, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our YAC members are involved in many different initiatives. They work on various project committees throughout the year, such as creating infographics or videos to share YDI findings. Our YAC members can also volunteer to take part in other community activities, such as:
  • introducing the YDI survey and answering related questions at participating schools in their area
  • presenting YDI findings to schools
  • participating in events with policy makers in education, health care, and community to represent youth voice
  • presenting at conferences

For example, this year YDI YAC members participated in the YDI Annual SymposiumFrayme Learning Institute, and the Best Brains Exchange conference put on by the Public Health Association of BC. YAC members were also involved in Deliberative Dialogue sessions co-hosted by Dr. Samji’s CHART Lab and the BC Children’s Hospital to provide insight on what BC can do to promote youth well-being during the COVID-19 recovery period. View the report here.

In addition to working on different projects related to the YDI throughout the year, YAC members make a commitment to attend 4 quarterly meetings (via Zoom) throughout the school year.

As of June 2024, recruitment for the YAC for the 2024-2025 cycle is now open! Fill out your application here.

If you have any questions about the YAC or its application, please do not hesitate to contact the CHART lab at